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Instrumentation and Automation
State-of-the-art full instrumentation systems, with emphasis on low power and steam consumption and less manpower and to avoid manual area are an integral part of all our project. Automation of complete sugar plant consist of following sections.

Boiler Automation

    Control Logic for boiler includes the following control loops through DCS system :
  • 3 Elements Drum Level Control
  • Combustion Control
  • Deaerator Pressure and level Control
  • Furnace Draft Control
  • Main Steam temperature ( Attemperator ) Control
  • Blow Down Tank Level Control
  • Boiler Safety & Protection Interlocks
  • PRDS Pressure & Temperature Control
  • Bagasse Feeder Control
  • Soot Blower Sequence Control

Mill and Diffuser Automation

    Mill and Diffuser includes the following loops through DCS system :
  • Mill Control.
  • Imbibition Water Flow Control.
  • Flow Control of Mixed Juice.
  • Rotary Juice Screen Wash Water System.

Turbine Automation

    Control Loops for Turbine includes the following control loops:
  • Sealing Steam Pressure Control Loop
  • Hotwell Level Control Loop
  • Turbine Temperature Control Loop
  • Turbine Vibration Control Loop
  • Turbine Pressure Control Loop
  • Turbine Misc. Control Loop

Boiling House Automation

Batch and Continuous PAN Automation

DCS system for Automation