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  • Swing Hammer Fibrizer assuring +85 P.I. at Kopergaon S.S.K., Maharashtra , India . (1986-87)
  • Full Size C.I. under feed roller assuring 15% gain in capacity and 1% gain in extraction at Terna S.S.K., Maharashtra , India . (1980-81)
  • S.S.T.R.P.F. assuring increased crush rate of up to 160% at Terna S.S.K., Maharashtra, India. (1986-87)
  • Patented Five roller mill with in-built expansion capacity upto 150% at Shrigonda S.S.K. (1993-94)
  • Installation of Single Chopper-fibrizer diffusser and single mill in the entire juice extraction plant thereby using only one mill instead of two mills for diffuser de-watering bagarse at Andhra Sugar Ltd. (1995-96)
  • S.S. maceration System providing bath maceration for bagasse at Dnyaneshwar S.S.K. (1989-90)
  • Falling film Evaporator with unique feature of independent wetting of each tube with separate nozzle for each tube at Dnyaneshwar S.S.K. (1994-95)
  • Installed one of the largest Fibrizer driven by 3500 BHP Motor (2 x 1750 HP each 11KV) on 108"size cane carrier at Jawahar S.S.K. (2000-01)
  • Installed one of the largest 44" x 84" milling plant with TRPF for achieving a crush rate of 12000 TCD on single tandem at Jawahar S.S.K. (2000-01)
  • Installation of modern 120 T/Hr capacity boiler at Jawahar S.S.K.Ltd. (2004-05)
  • Installation & commissioning of fibrizer in 30 hours at Pravranagar and Malegaon , during zcleaning in crushing season. (1997-98)
  • Installation of fibrizer on apran cane carrier (Not at head end) at Ajinkyatara S.S.K. Ltd. (90-91)